How I Pack my Travel Makeup

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What’s in my travel makeup bag?

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Mini or Full-Sized [Makeup Products]?



Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Lately I have been into buying mini (also known as sample size, travel size, deluxe size, etc.) makeup items, especially for the higher-end to luxury makeup items, and today I will share with you guys why I have been doing so.

What’s in my everyday make-up bag


Hii my beauties!!

How is your week going so far? Friday is almost here (yeyyy)!

So, today I will share with you guys what’s in my everyday make-up bag.

I don’t like to do full on make-up everyday, it’s actually very uncomfortable and bad for the skin, I usually tend to do a full face of make-up on the weekends or some special occasion. On the weekdays I usually just do my brows, if I need I will put on some concealer to cover some spots and some powder if my face is too oily and of course lip balm or lipstick.

Top 5 Make-Up Tips Series | Eyes


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So this will be my first post for my Top 5 Make-Up Tips Series. Today I will talk about small things that you can do, that can help you with your eye make-up application.