DIY | Faux Rose Box



Hii my beauties πŸ’‹Β Β  !!

Today I will share with you guys another DIY project, and this one I wanted to do for sooo long but couldn’t find the perfect real looking roses for that.


DIY | 2017 Planner πŸ“– πŸ“…


Hii my beauties !!

Today I will be sharing my DIY 2017 planner.

Hopefully it will inspire you to make yours.

So, first of all let me explain why I made my own planner and didn’t just buy a ready-made. Well, first of all I LOVEEE DIYing things, it’s really fun and gives it a personal touch, but the main reason is that I haven’t found, at least nearby, any planner that satisfied my planning needs, by that I mean, the planners I found have always been incomplete and didn’t inspire me to keep planning all year long.

DIY Spot Make-Up Brush Cleaner


Hii my beauties !!

Soooo, do you know those days when you want to use the same make-up brush twice and with different colors, and don’t have the time to wash and wait it dry, for like forever?? YES! I’ve been through it too! And I’ve got a cheap solution for you guys !

DIY Body Scrubs βœ¨βœ¨


Hii my beauties πŸ˜€ !!

After all that dancing, sweating and fun having (of course!!) on Navratri it’s time to give our bodies (and especially the feet) some TLC!!

We all have seen those amazing body scrubs on stores, with those marvelous scentsΒ but just don’t want to make the splurge on buying them.

Well, I’ve got the solution for you!!!

DIY BODY SCRUBS!!! Yes you can make them at home, and they work just as well!!

DIY | Chokers πŸ’


Hiii my beauties !!!!

Today is all about the choker trend!! Chokers have been soo hyped up right now and I couldn’t resist the trend either. But the prices for chokers are so high, I couldn’t get myself to buy any, so I started thinking about making some, it would be the way I like and super cheap :-P.