Beauty Haul



Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

As you know, from my social media, I spent this past weekend in South Africa, and I could not come empty handed! I mean it wouldn’t be in true Beauty Blogger style if I didn’t do some make up shopping (What makeup lover can resist buying some makeup? Not me for sure!). On today’s post I will share with you guys what I bought during my trip.

But first the disclaimer! All of this makeup that I bought was with my OWN hard earned money, not sponsored by a company nor my parents/family. So please, if you want to judge don’t keep reading. Thank you!


Youtube and Instagram made me buy it!😅👛


Hi my beauties 💋  !!

As you can see by the tittle, today’s post is about my top 6 beauty products that YouTube and Instagram made me buy. There are so many more products, but I decided to stay with the top 6, otherwise this post would be huge.

Sephora Haul 💸 👛


Hii my beauties!!

As you know through my social media (if you don’t follow me, you should definitely do so!!!! Links below 😛 ), on my holidays I got a chance to go to Dubai Sephora (YAY!!).

Tbh, when I entered Sephora I kind of got intimidated, there is soooo much stuff there and didn’t know what to get and what not to get. But after I had a really good look around I knew exactly what I wanted.

Morphe Haul



Hiii my beautiess !!!

Here I come again sharing my shopping addiction with you guys 😛 ! Yes I shopped again, and yes it was Morphe again. So let’s go to it! I couldn’t hold myself 😛 !

Make-up Haul


Hiii my beauties !!!

Soooo … Recently I purchased some make-up items and I would like to share them with you.

I know … I know .. I am super addicted to shopping, but make-up is beautifull guys … and we always want to buy more and more and moreeeeee … 😀