DIY | 2017 Planner 📖 📅

Hii my beauties !!

Today I will be sharing my DIY 2017 planner.

Hopefully it will inspire you to make yours.

So, first of all let me explain why I made my own planner and didn’t just buy a ready-made. Well, first of all I LOVEEE DIYing things, it’s really fun and gives it a personal touch, but the main reason is that I haven’t found, at least nearby, any planner that satisfied my planning needs, by that I mean, the planners I found have always been incomplete and didn’t inspire me to keep planning all year long.

So I decided to make my very own planner!


So let’s get into how I made it.


I bought the binder in South Africa in CNA, it’s a stationary shop.

From the all of the ones they had, I liked this one the most. It’s pink and purple on the outside and purple on the inside. I really don’t know the brand name, it only said organizer on the box.

It is a 6 ring binder with silver hardware. On the inside, on left flat it has a big side pocket and 5 card holders and a separate transparent pocket, in which you can put business cards, pictures or anything you wish.


As you can see I added some décor pieces, I made those pieces myself. Just so it wouldn’t look plain and boring.



When you open up the planner this is what you get to see first.


I wanted to include a positive message right in the front, so that every time I opened the planner I would feel happy and inspired. After that comes the cover, in which I added a small butterfly ring stone like sticker.


Then I added a dashboard, where I could put all my stickers, so I wouldn’t have to keep the whole bundle with me all the time. But I made it in a closed book kind of way so the stickers wouldn’t get dirty nor messed up, and on the front and back cover I printed out some quotes, just to keep me happy and inspired.

So, the planner has five main sections and some of them have few sub sections.

This is what my separators look like. All the separators are laminated.


The first one is a diary section in which there are six monthly sub sections. In the monthly sub section I included a monthly planner, a monthly expenses tracker, a personal care section, a shopping list and a daily planner in vertical view, as you can see below.


The second section is my blog one, which has four sub sections.

On the first sub section I have a two-month planner, in which I will be planning my blog posts, and easily visualize it, and move if needed. After that I have a posting schedule and a coupon code tracker, the next sub section is my collaborations one, in which I am going to write down all the details for my collabs, and the last sub section is my review section, where I have sheets to fill as I am testing the products, so when I do the post I have everything written down.






The third section is for my meetings, and the fourth one is for my notes.




The last one is my other section in which I also have four sub sections.

In the first I have everything regarding meal planning, such as meal ideas for lunch and dinner and restaurant ideas for meals and snacks. The second sub section is my recipes one and the third one is the series one, in which I will be tracking my series, I watch so many series that I do need a tracker just to keep up with everything, and the fourth sub section is still empty.






So, this is my personal planner.

Hope you liked it! 😀

If you wish to buy the printables, you can contact me through my e-mail and we can figure something out.

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Have a great day!
See you Tueday !!


– Dii –

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